Headache Relief Techniques

Try a Cold Pack


Place a cold pack on your forehead if you have a migraine. A bag of frozen veggies, ice cubes wrapped in a towel, or even a cold shower may help relieve discomfort.

Make use of a heating pad or a hot compress.


Place a heating pad on your neck or the back of your head if you have a tension headache.

Reduce Head or Scalp Pressure


A headache might occur if your ponytail is excessively tight. Wearing a hat might also cause these "external compression headaches."

Darken the Room


Migraines can be brought on by bright or flashing light, even from your computer screen. Cover your windows with blackout curtains throughout the day if you are prone to them.

Don't Try to Chew


Gum chewing can be painful for your brain as well as your jaw. The same is true if you chew on your lips, cheeks, fingernails, or other useful items like pens.



Take in a lot of liquids. A headache might develop or become worse due to dehydration.

Pick up some coffee


Have some tea, coffee, or another beverage that has some caffeine. If you take it as soon as the discomfort begins,

Practice being calm


Learning to relax when you have a headache might lessen the discomfort. Relaxation techniques include yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and stretches.

Get a massage


It can be completed by you. A few minutes spent massaging your temples, neck, and forehead might reduce tension headache symptoms.

Take Some Ginger


People with migraines who visited the ER found that consuming ginger in addition to standard over-the-counter painkillers reduced their suffering.