10 Ideas to help you be more flexibility

Stretch for longer


Stretching for only 10 seconds is insufficient; try stretching for 45 seconds or longer; you'll feel better!

Progress the stretch


Many of us start stretching then back off after a few seconds. To increase your range of movement you have to continue to very gently push throughout the stretch.

Try Stretching the opposite muscles too


If you want to enhance a muscle group, be sure you stretch the muscles on the other side of your leg, so if your quads are tight, release the hamstrings as well.

Use tools and equipment


Foam rollers and bands may be really helpful in stretching, as can a friend (occasionally! ), a gym ball, benches, or a wall, or whatever you have around.



To enhance your flexibility, set aside a few minutes each day to maintain or improve your flexibility. It will not happen overnight, so persevere.



Holding your breath for 1-2 minutes is not a good idea, so maintain breathing while stretching and exhale gently.

Use a scale of 1 to OUCH!


Ideally, we should select a stretch and raise the intensity to a Level 5 so that it is comfortable but you can feel it working, and then hold, breathe, and advance.

Dynamic stretching


Try practising dynamic stretches as a warm-up before exercise; the more you stretch before the session, the better; it will assist prepare the muscles for what is to come.

Stretch at home


It takes less effort to stretch at home because there is no one around to observe or judge you. Just think about how flexible you are getting.