MBA Supply Chain and Marketing Research Teams (2014-2016)

Individual supply chain scholars and teams of MBA students from the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative and Consumer Innovation Consortium at NC State University’s Poole College of Management have worked with NCGT staff and partner entities since summer 2013 to investigate and address food business processes and supply chain issues across the local-to-mainstream food supply chain. Read more.

Supply Chain Scholars

In the 2013-2014 academic year, NCGT sponsored two Supply Chain Scholars at the Poole College of Management to tackle supply chain questions related to the project. Jessica Newsome spent the year researching the seafood supply chain nationally and within the state, and conducting a market readiness assessment. Supply Chain Scholar Sebastian Naskaris worked with NCGT’s grocery partners Lowes Foods and MDI (Lowes Foods’ wholesale distributor) to understand and create visual walkthrough documents for produce and meat products. View a summary of their work and their full reports.

UNC-Chapel Hill Grocery Consumer Demand Project

Research and reports on the consumer end of local food marketing.  Read more.

Special Reports

View NCGT special reports, including the 2016 North Carolina Niche Meat Producers Survey Results, the 2015 North Carolina Farmstead Creamery Survey ReportKeep It Moving: North Carolina Seafood Transportation Logistics with a Focus on East to West Routes, as well as market channel evaluations for local meat and produce. View special reports.