Project Description

Archived Webinar: SBCs & Kitchen Incubators in North Carolina

This webinar was hosted on May 24, 2017, in partnership with the North Carolina Rural Center. The webinar featured Smithson Mills, Executive Director, and Michael McDonald, Operations Manager, from Blue Ridge Food Ventures; Duane Adams, Assistant Director, from AB-Tech Community College Small Business Center; and Eric Hallman, Executive Director, from PFAP (aka the Prep Station). Panelists discussed the role and function of kitchen incubators, how small business center partnerships help clients succeed, needs and trends in the developing small food manufacturing industry, and challenges and opportunities for the industry and for incubators moving forward.

The webinar recording may be viewed on the CEFS YouTube Channel:

Download the PDF (with full hyperlinks) of the webinar presentation here.

For reference, attendees were also directed to the NCGT Food & Farm Business Resource Guide during the webinar, and this directory can be accessed here.