Project Description

Archived Webinar: Assisting Food Businesses and Restaurants in a Farm-To-Table World

This webinar was recorded on September 7, 2017, and featured Dani Black of Bigger Tables Consulting as the main presenter.

This presentation provided small business counselors, mentors, extension agents and funders background and insights into industry-specific issues faced by entrepreneurs who are planning, growing, or struggling with food businesses in North Carolina. The session will examine the changing restaurant industry and expanded entrepreneurial opportunities in related food businesses, including food trucks, caterers, and food makers, and will discuss the integration of sourcing, procurement, production planning, culinary trends, and the demand for local produce, meats, dairy, and seafood into business planning and operational analysis for new and expanding food businesses.

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Dani Black
From age fifteen, in neighborhood restaurants, swanky country clubs and a scruffy grill behind a Philadelphia bar, Dani Black has cooked, served, and managed in foodservice for over thirty years. When she moved to Hillsborough in 1995 she dug deep into food, first as a market gardener and baker, then as owner of Hillsborough Market (a neighborhood grocery and produce market) and the James Pharmacy Restaurant. When the JPR closed, she was the founding Chef at the Refectory at Duke’s Divinity School. The Refectory was one of the first university eateries in the nation to commit to providing ethically produced and locally sourced food and to paying living wages. She has also detoured into eating disorder treatment, helping to create therapeutic culinary programs and facilities, including working gardens, for residential and hospital-based treatment. Along the way she became a resource for people planning, growing or fixing small food businesses, which grew into a consulting practice devoted to reality-based planning and resource assessment. She supports culinary professionals and entrepreneurs who want to make a living doing what they love. She has served on boards, advisory councils and working groups devoted to issues of food, justice and community.