New Resource Spotlight: A Guide to Hosting Mini Food Shows in Your Community

Mini food shows are community-led events designed to showcase local farms and food producers to a variety of audiences, including buyers like restaurants and specialty shops, food distributors, and residents. This guide outlines the planning, preparation, and marketing tasks for hosting your own event.

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Upcoming Webinars Support Food and Farm Business Development

Hosting Agriculture & Food Entrepreneurship Training at Your Community College: A Webinar for Small Business Counselors and Cooperative Extension Agents July 18, 2017 | 11 a.m. to noon | Virtual | Online Registration Presented by NCGT and the North Carolina Rural Center, this webinar features two highly successful food and farm business training programs from Southwestern [...]

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New Grant Supports Supply Chain Approach to Reducing Farm-Level Food Waste

The grant work will focus on two types of unharvested produce: cosmetically imperfect (does not meet USDA #1 standards for scarring, size, or shape, but is otherwise edible); and produce that meets USDA #1 standards but is left in the field because harvesting costs exceed the market price of the produce. Figuring out how to "recover" this otherwise wasted produce can both improve growers' bottom line and make our food system more efficient and sustainable..

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