Top 5 Best Beer Towers in 2022 for Cold & Fast Drinks Storage- Review Guide

It is best when the beer is served fresh and cold. It can be dispensed from beer growlers, kegerators, or beer towers. The beer towers have many benefits in bars or restaurants. We will provide details associated with the 5 best beer towers 2022 in the USA via this article today. So, interested people must read this article till the end.

Beer towers provide the customers with an efficient accommodation system. It lessens the work of the bartenders. Aside from being used professionally, it can also be used at home comfortably. 

Top Picks:

Oggi Beer Tower Dispenser
(Construction Score ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️)
Capacity- 2.6 liters
Stable due to sturdy steel base
EZ- Pour Spigot
Wyndham House Beverage Dispenser
(Design Score ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️)
Capacity- 3.5 liters
Material- ABS
Detachable Faucet
Goplus Beer Tower Dispenser
(Style Score⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️)
Capacity- 3 liters
LED lights
Metal Nozzle- Durable & Rust Proof

The 5 Best Beer Towers for Cold Drinks

Number 1 -HOPR Beer Tower:

Capacity- 2.8 litersIt is quite pricey.
Swivel base- 360 degree
Hands-free spigot
Super Chill Rod (for the cold drinks)
Weighted base along with rubber feet

Customers’ Reviews:

It was said by a customer of Amazon that it has proved as an excellent gift for his son in Army. Without much effort, it keeps the beer cool. It was used by another customer for Sangria which has worked great.

Why it is thought to be great:

The cold drink can be enjoyed without any waiter or cooler. One can serve himself as well as guests. Its length is 24 inches & width is 8 inches.

A hands-free spigot prevents the product to become dirty. It is built with a swivel base of 360 degree. 96 ounces of beverage can be held in this beer tower.

It consists of a “Super Chill Rod” which is responsible for keeping the beer chilled. It will be chilled even after many refills. Rubber feet & weighted base are also there which keeps it in place.

Who can buy this product?

The product is perfect for an event and is a suitable option for weddings, parties, lawn games, and so on. Thus, people hosting such parties can buy it.

Number 2-Oggi Beer Tower Dispenser-

   Pros:  Cons:
Capacity- 2.6 litersThe spigot can leak sometimes
Removable ice tubeThe lid doesn’t seal tightly
Sleek look
EZ- Pour Spigot
Stable due to Sturdy Steel Base

Customers’ Reviews:

A customer of Amazon managing winery, had fun using the tower for sangrias. He said that it was spectacular & no leaking issues were there. According to another customer, it was a big hit.

Why it is thought to be great:

  • It is loved by the owners of restaurants & bars. It is of high quality, innovative and sleek.
  • It has a design that is space-saving. It has a chrome plated steel base which is 3.5 inches & is sturdy ensuring that it stays in place.
  • A removable ice tube is also there for keeping beverages cool. Optimal visibility for a beautiful display is also there in this beer tower.

Who can buy this product?

It is good for those who want classy things & need a tower that can handle any kind of beer. Thus, such people can buy it.

Number 3 -Wyndham House Beverage Dispenser

Capacity- 3.5 litersIt does not contain an ice tube.
Material- ABS
Detachable faucet
Easy to assemble

Customers’ Reviews:

It is lightweight & manageable to be carried as said by an Amazon customer. She likes it’s looks but she wished it had an ice tray. According to other customer, it is quite convenient for social functions & works quite nicely.

Why it is thought to be great:

It is good for various occasions and can also be used as a gift. 

It can hold 7 pints (3.5 liters) of juice, beer, wine, mixed drink, or any other beverage. It has an easy grip & is lightweight. It can easily be transported. It can also be easily cleaned by removing the faucet. It is also quite compact.

Who can buy this product?

People who are fond of large gatherings can use this beer tower. Also, for any home bar, it proves to be an excellent addition. Thus, people hosting such gatherings can buy it.

Number 4-Goplus Beer Tower Dispenser

Capacity- 3 litersThe base cannot be removed
LED lightsIce tubes can be broken
Metal Nozzle- Durable & rust proof
Removable ice tube
Material- ABS & AS (without BPA)

Customers’ Reviews:

The LED lights are adored by a customer of Amazon. It provides a pleasant atmosphere to any room.

It was used by another customer for sangria, beer & iced tea, and found it fun to use it.

Why it is thought to be great:

It has many outstanding features like clear scale & transparent design. A rust-proof nozzle is also there which is made up of premium metal.

A removable ice tube is also there. It is great for friend or family gatherings with a capacity of 3 liters.

It is made up of impact-resistant & premium AS & ABS material (without BPA) which helps in preventing breakage.

LED light is its most fashionable feature. It changes colors by just touching a red button present on the base.

Who can buy this product?

It is one of the most stylish beer towers which can be used at any party. Thus, people hosting any party should buy it.

Number 5 JIAWANSHUN Beer Tower Dispenser

Ice tube is present along with LED LightsIt is expensive.
Capacity- 3 liters
It has a Sturdy Base
It has a Rustic Design
The anti-drip tray is also there

Customers’ Reviews:

According to the customers, it is quite stylish and looks great. They say it has a removable ice tube & it also lights up.

Why it is thought to be great:

It displays beauty as it has a transparent body & LED lights. It is easy to be cleaned due to the collapsible ice tube. It also keeps the beer crisp. The length of this product is 26 inches & its base is 10.5 inches.

The beer can be simply poured into a standard pint glass. Spills are also lessened with convenient drip tray which has been attached to base.

Who can buy this product?

It can be used for various parties. Thus, people hosting such parties should buy it.

Buying Guide:

The features of various beer towers must be looked at before buying one. 

5 Best Beer Towers
5 Best Beer Towers

Size or Content Capacity-

Size & capacity are crucial deciding factors for buying beer towers. For bars, capacity must be at least 3 liters, however, 1 to 2 liters capacity will be enough for home.

Size must be according to place for which it is being bought.

Spout or Tap-

The flow of beer must be controlled properly. A good spout contains lever which will help it to be effortlessly pulled up & down. Tap or stout must have good quality so that it can be ensured that no leakage or wastage of beer is there.

Material of the Beer Tower-

Generally, plastic tube is used for making beer towers. Other than that, glass, stainless steel or aluminum can also be used. The pros & cons must also be looked at before buying a product. The cost, as well as durability, can get affected by the material from which the beer tower is made. 

Cooling Tube-

A proper cooling tube must be there in the beer tower for proper cooling of the beer. It is just required to fill water in ice tube & freeze it. After that, it is required to attach tube inside the tower filled with beer after which beer can get cooled in a few minutes.


The quality and durability might cost more. However, price must be compared with all the features before buying any product.

Design or other special features-

Design varies on base, faucet & container or tube. Base can be flat bottomed or with feet. Tubes can be short, tall, or narrow but triangular in shape. Push down design is there in spigots or faucets which can or cannot be hand-free.


The base is made up of copper or stainless steel for adding stability & durability. The base can have stabilizing weight like big metal plate. The beer tower can be fixed to base to prevent them from falling. A detachable base can also be opted for to make refilling easier. Stubborn leaks or drips can also be cleaned easily.

Ease of Mounting-

To make the tower efficiently work & making it look good, it is important to mount beer. A beer tower must be easily mounted to prevent spillage. 


Beer towers are important equipment for beverage lovers. If someone wants to stick to good quality, they can go for Oggi Beer Tower Dispenser, however, if one wants attractive beer tower then Goplus Beer Tower Dispenser should be bought.

If one wants less refill and more accommodation, Wyndham House Beverage Dispenser can be used.

Difference between Kegerator and Beer Tower:

Kegerator as well as Beer Tower are dispensing devices for beer. However, the beer tower is easy to use, whereas, the kegerator is a complicated device. More beer can be stored in kegerator as compared to beer tower. Also, various accessories are required for kegerator including CO2, fresh & cold draught from single tap through couplers. Beer towers, on the other hand, are straight forward. It works like water dispenser and contents are poured by opening faucet.

We have tried to provide details related to the 5 best beer towers. For any further details, you can ask about it through comments. We will surely provide you the required details as soon as it will be possible for us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Which is beer tower with the best classic design?

Wyndham House Beverage Dispenser beer tower is thought to have the best classic design.

Which beer tower is the most attractive?

JIAWANSHUN Beer Tower Dispenser is the most attractive as it is transparent & contains LED lights.

Which beer tower has the largest capacity?

Wyndham House Beverage Dispenser has the largest capacity (3.5 liters).

How many pints are present in beer tower?

It depends on the capacity of the beer tower.

How can a beer tower be maintained?

The beer tower can be maintained by proper cleaning with soap and warm water for about 10 to 15 seconds. It must also be kept at a secure place.

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